In this model we will be detecting a car in a live stream or video and recognize characters on the number plate of the car then furthermore we will use the characters and fetch the owner’s information using RTO API’s .
For the display, we will create a Web portal where all this information will be displayed (using HTML, CSS and JavaScript)

So let’s begin our Model implementation

We create a model which can detect the car in the live stream video or photo. For this, we have to create the large data-set of cars from which we train the model using Convolutional Neural Network


What is k-means Clustering ?

The k-means algorithm is like how deep you go, how detail you study on group of data to find unique pattern, unique set of information. What is Cluster ? Cluster is like group of data/detail information. Clustering is an unsupervised machine learning technique, which tries to identify the underlying data structure. (see the following figure).

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript its not a Java programing language, JavaScript is a different language, there is no link between this two.

JavaScript is a programming language used both on the client-side and server-side that allows you to make web pages interactive. HTML,CSS, etc..are different languages for different purpose and they are good in that purpose so every language specialize in something that give structure and style to web pages, JavaScript is also have some differrent purpose and if you have purpose and requirement use javascript which makes web-pages interactive.

Examples of JavaScript : search box on Google, Google Maps.

So without wasting time lets get started..

we are goin to build code which detect your face with the help of haar cascade frontalface model which easily avaliable in internet. then we crop our image feed it to the model and then we try our model to detect our face to recognize us to do some other stuffs mentioned in title…

the codes are shown below..

Why we use socket programming ?

Ans is pretty simple to connecting two devices on a network to communicate with each other. one device is works as server and second acts like client.

Because i have only on laptop i create code to make my laptop works like server and also act like a client, soo the codes are written one laptop, so for now i provide you code as i used in this practical, i’ll definitely share you the code next time to make a separate server and client…

Soo without wasting your straight to the practical…

What is a Cyber-crime ?

Cyber-crime is one type of crime, committed on the internet using Computer or mobile device, etc.

Cyber-crime is defined as a crime that is committed using a network-connected device such as a computer or a mobile phone. Those who commit cyber-crime are known as cyber criminals or cyber crooks.

Well hello guys, without disscussing futher details we jump staright to the practicle.

Here i am using windows as base Operating System and with the help of Oracle virtual box where i install RedHat 8, and inside we install docker and run the container.

Hope you all know what is machine learning, but here is my quick review…

Machine Learning is a part of Artificial intelligence (AI) where we train/create model by giving some data to it and behind the sence it run some algorithm to analysis the data, after that based on data model can give answer or predict answer like human being.

Simply we are giving human like intelligence to machine.

Without wasting your time Let’s get started,

Basically i am running docker container on Redhat 8 OS and its running on my base OS i.e …

Aniket Dandekar

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